Did we mention it is (mostly) free?

Do I need to pay for my radiation therapy treatment?

Outpatient treatments

For Medicare card holders: If you are having external beam radiotherapy and you are a Medicare card holder, all your consultations at Alfred Health Radiation Oncology and your radiation therapy treatments will be bulk billed and covered by Medicare. You will be asked to sign a Medicare form, every day at the reception desk, on your way out. If you are having external beam radiotherapy and you are a Medicare card holder, all your treatments are covered.

Outpatient consultations

This might be different for consultations, as opposed to the situation for treatment. There is no out-of-pocket cost for consultations with Alfred Health Radiation Oncology Specialists at the public hospital facilities at the Alfred or Latrobe Regional Hospitals. Depending on whether or not you hold an Australian Government Aged Pensioner card; hold a Veteran’s Affairs card; or an Australian Government Health Card, there may be a charge for attending at our clinics held at outside private facilities such as Cabrini or Frankston. 


You will not need to sign a Medicare form for your radiotherapy, while you are staying at the hospital. If you have private medical insurance we may ask you to elect to use your insurance: this enables us to charge the insurance company, but there are no out-of-pocket expenses for you should you do this.

Prescription drug costs

Some medication we might prescribe is not free. If it is covered by the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) then there is a dispensing cost, charged by the Pharmacist. Sometimes we prescribe drugs that are not on the PBS scheme (because we think the drug we have given is better than the less expensive one on the PBS, or there might be no equivalent on the PBS), in which case there might be an out-of-pocket cost above and beyond the dispensing fee.

Non-Medicare card holders and overseas patients

At the end of each consultation you will receive an invoice. If you decide to proceed to treatment, staff will discuss with you a payment plan. Usually this plan requires payment in advance and reconciliation of the account when treatment is completed. We may need to contact your health insurance company regarding guarantee of payment in which case payment in advance may not be required.

Please note that whilst some of the cost may be claimed from your private health insurer, Alfred Health Radiation Oncology does not submit claims on your behalf.