Management Team

Looking after patients with cancer or non-malignant illnesses requiring treatment with very high-tech and complicated radiation therapies requires a diverse and talented team of people. The team has more than 140 members, spread over two sites. The radiation oncology management group works together to ensure the best possible care of our patients now, and to plan for improvements, innovations, and discoveries in order to make us even better for our patients tomorrow.


Adjunct Professor Jeremy Millar is the Alfred Health Radiation Oncologist responsible for the clinical, academic, research, administrative, financial, quality, and planning aspects of the Radiation Therapy Service. All the medical staff report to him. He has a clinical practice in brachytherapy and external beam treatments, mainly looking after men with prostate cancer.

Deputy Director

Adjunct Associate Professor Sid Davis assists and backs up Jeremy, and looks after the medical aspects of our Gippsland service. He is devoted to the care of his patients with haematological and head-and-neck malignancies across both the Alfred and Gippsland sites.

Head Radiation Therapist

Ms Katherine Fox oversees the largest staff group in Alfred Health Radiation Oncology, Radiation Therapists, the professionals who plan and perform most of the radiation therapy treatments we provide. He is responsible for all aspects of this workforce: planning, recruitment, development, oversight, quality assurance, workplace management, and an undergraduate education program for trainees. In addition he provides advice and assistance with every aspect of the running of the complicated equipment and assists with the introduction of the steady stream of innovation working with other members of the management group.

Head Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist

Dr Trevor Ackerly oversees the Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists, and all aspect of the physics training, planning, support, research, safety and quality assurance for our treatments, over both sites. His team works alongside the Radiation Therapist staff in ensuring the planning and delivery of the best possible treatments for our patients. He provides input into all new equipment and technique development, and his staff commission all new radiation equipment and continuously monitor the technology to ensure safe predictable consistent performance. 

Nurse Unit Manager

Ms Gael Wilder oversees all aspects of nursing staff at the Alfred Centre.

Practice Manager

Ms Kula Papargiris looks after all aspects of the "back room" administrative, reception, transcription, record-keeping, and specialist personal assistance, and financial billing functions. This includes oversight and planning of all the patient referrals and bookings, and all aspects of the "paperwork" associated with their records. 

Business Manager

Mr Steven Sheppard oversees the financial planning, budgeting, infrastructure, and assists with advice on many of the business and operational aspects of Alfred Health Radiation Oncology.

Research and Data Manager

Ms Robin Smith oversees a small team who look after all aspects of the research data and administration, as well as the clinical data associated with Alfred Health Radiation Oncology. Robin oversees all of the administrative details necessary for all the clinical trials we run.

Site Manager, Latrobe Regional Hospital

Ms Cath Beaufort is a Radiation Therapist based at Latrobe Regional and responsible to Katherine for the direct oversight of Radiation Therapist services at LRH, as well as providing advice and assistance to Jeremy and Sid on the non-clinical administration and management of the LRH Alfred Health Radiation Oncology service. She provides a Alfred Health Radiation Oncology immediate and direct link with the LRH executive team.